About Bibim Paws

Bibim Paws was founded by long time pet lover Joyce Kang after her first dog, Gigi, became ill and died after eating from a bag of recalled kibble in 2012. After researching more about the recall, Joyce discovered the horrors behind commercial pet food and how kibble and other pet food products were made. The lack of quality control in pet food was causing many pets to become ill or even die after eating from recalled products that could potentially contain spoiled/cancerous meat, overdosing of synthetic nutrients and other dangers. So she decided to begin making her own pet food at home with only fresh, organic and real whole food ingredients with the guidance of holistic vets and nutritionists. Today, Bibim Paws is now the first and only certified organic and humane fresh pet food available for both cats and dogs that uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure our pets get the safest and best food possible.