About Native Pet

Who we are

Passionate pet owners and food nerds who want to give our pets access to high quality food.

What we’re about

We noticed alot of fillers in our pets’ food—and decided to do something about it. We only use 7 ingredients (or less) in our formulas because our pets deserve to eat clean.

How we do it

We’re focused on 3 things: taste, nutrition and simple ingredients. We make sure pets get that rich, protein-forward flavor they love. We partner with leading vet nutritionists who ensure our

Our Story

Dan Schaefer, our CEO, wanted the best for his Labrador retriever Louie, as all pet parents do. But what he discovered, upon closer inspection, was that there was a jarring mismatch between “all-natural” marketing on pet food packaging and the actual ingredients listed in the fine print on the back.

As such, he became equally educated and aware when it came to the food he fed Louie. And while this clean label “mis-match” was common on pet food packaging, Dan discovered that there was even a larger discrepancy when it came to supplements, treats and functional foods.  

Why were pet food companies making supplements out of 17 ingredients or more, but when it came to human supplements, the ultimate goal was simplicity and efficacy? 

Dan called longtime friend, groomsman and the more entrepreneurially inclined Pat Barron, who like Dan, had a passion for food systems, entrepreneurship, and of course, pets. Pat saw an opportunity to do something great for pets, quit his job and launched Native Pet with Dan, a company with a mission to make pet food simpler and with a cleaner label. 

Over time, like most innovative companies, Native Pet has grown and broadened its focus to the overall nutrition category, which includes supplements, toppers, and chews. And as we continue in developing and improving a pet’s diet outside of a traditional kibble regimen, the core values associated with our humble beginnings have remained the same. Native Pet wants to improve the lives of a pet, one pet at a time. Sure, it started with Louie, but now it’s time for your pet to also get the most of their every day.