How does your subscription box work?   

We have options! Our Starter Bundle Box is a prebuilt box filled with $60+ worth of treats and chews for $59.99. You just need to select the delivery frequency and check out. Each box will contains varieties of products from different brands we love!  For Build Your Own Box, it's a fully customized box base on your pup's preference! Just select the treats and chews and quantity and choose how often you want your dog to receive the box (every 15 days, 30 days, 45 days or 60 days). After checking out, just wait for the box to show up at your door! Will send you a reminder when it ships so you can change, add and remove items before!

Can I cancel my box anytime if my dog doesn't like it? 

Yes! You can cancel or pause your subscription anytime after the first box, no commitments! Just amazing treats for your dog. To cancel your subscription, simply log into your account, go to "Manage Subscription" and click "Cancel Subscription" in the customer portal. If you have any problem canceling it, please reach out to info@whatthedoglikes.com

Do you offer free shipping?

We offer free shipping for the What The Dog Likes Box. 

For Build Your Own Box or one-time purchase over $79.99, we offer free shipping within the United States. For orders under $79.99, shipping will be calculated by USPS base on the total weight.

International Shipping: We currently only ship to Canada with a calculated rate offered by the carrier base on the total weight.

Do you ship internationally? 

We currently only ship to Canada with a flat shipping rate of $11.99. 

Do you have a minimum or maximum on each box?

We don't have a minimum or maximum, so go cray cray!  

How long does it take for my box to ship? 

It will take 2-3 days for the box to be processed and shipped! As we grow, we will be working to shorten these time periods :)

Can I change when my next order will arrive?

Yes! In the Subscription tab of your Customer Account you can easily reschedule your upcoming order to receive it sooner, or to delay the shipment. Simply log into your account to reschedule your orders.

I have a discount code, how do I apply it to my order? 

You can apply the discount code at check out, or for your next box if you already checked out. To apply the discount code for future orders, simply log into your account, click "Subscription" on the navigation bar at the top, select the active subscription that you want to apply the coupon to and click "Edit". Once you are in the active subscription page, scroll down to the bottom and find" Apply Discount" at the bottom right. Click on it and type in your discount code. The discount will be applied to the upcoming box! 

Product Source

Are your products made in the USA

Yes! And even better, all of our products are transparently sourced from family farms located in the USA! We work directly with our farm and production partners to source every product we sell.

What kind of product is qualified to be featured in the What The Dog Likes Box?

We only source treats/chews made from 100% natural ingredients. That means no chemicals, additives, preservatives or fillers. All raw ingredients are from farms in the US and pasture raised animals. We refuse to use 4D ingredients (Dead, Disabled, Diseased, Dying animals) as we feed these treats/chews to our own fur babies.

Feeding Instructions

Do you offer any treats that are good for smaller dogs or dogs can't chew very well? 

Yes! Our Treats are a great option for smaller dogs and dogs who might be missing teeth. They are scored and break easily into bite-sized pieces, and are packaged in resealable bags to keep the treats fresh in between sessions.

What treats would you recommend for a new puppy?

For a new puppy, we would recommend anything from our “Bites” line. Our Treats are scored so that they easily break into smaller pieces which are ideal for puppies and for training. Our treats are great options, you can feed them as meal topper, or break them to small sizes for training.  If you’re looking for a chew, we would recommend our Small Beef Hide Roll, chicken or duck feet, pig snout, etc. depending on the size of your puppy. These chews are long lasting and high reward, making them a great option for teething puppies!

What treats would you recommend for a heavy chewer?

The Beef Hide Roll is our most popular chew due to its durability. Our Rolls are hand-crafted in their natural form from beginning to end, giving them a more durable finish. They are sun-dried* and hand cut. As a long-lasting chew, they will not split, splinter, or break into small pieces. The longevity of our Beef Hide Rolls does depend on how heavy of a chewer your dog is, and how often you allow them to chew on the Roll. Most pups are able to get at least a few weeks use out of one Roll!

*Heated drying rooms can/will be used in the drying process when the weather doesn't cooperate, and/or high sales demand an increase of rolls to be produced.

Are all chews safe?

Because every dog behaves differently, all chewing should be monitored at all time. When trying something new, start with shorter, supervised chew sessions to see how your pup will behave. Not all chews are created equal. We provide only the highest quality chews that are healthy and cooked at low temps to be as safe as possible. But we always recommend that you always monitor your dog while they are chewing anything, and always provide fresh, clean water nearby.

Does my dog need to chew?

Chewing is one of the most beneficial activities for a dog. With just 30 minutes of chewing, endorphins are released in a dog’s brain, allowing them to feel relaxed and accomplished. Not only is it a great physical exercise, it is an excellent mental exercise as well. Chewing is also great for cleaning teeth and gums, which in turn can help with bad breath. Not all chews are created the same, however. When a dog chews, they are putting moisture, friction, and heat into the object they are chewing, and because of this, it is extremely important to make sure you purchase chews like our Beef Hide Rolls which are free of chemicals, preservatives, antibiotics, and hormones.

I've heard that rawhides can be dangerous for dogs. Are yours safe?

Our Beef Hide Rolls and Bites are completely different, and are a safe and healthy chew for your dog. Many commercially-produced rawhide chews are bleached, baked, and cut up to be formed into shapes. This process strips the hide of its natural state, making it unrecognizable to the dog’s body and hard to digest. Our Beef Hide Rolls and Bites are sourced from our local farm partners. They are all natural, certified humane, and made from 100% pasture-raised beef. They are sun-dried and hand cut. Our Beef Hide Rolls make a great long lasting chew that’s great for dental health.

Are dogs able to digest the rawhides?

Yes, our Rawhides are fully digestible. Unlike grocery store rawhides, our Rawhides are all-natural and long-lasting. Most dogs will be unable to break off and swallow pieces of our Rawhides, but if they do their bodies are able to digest it. Typical grocery store rawhides are so processed, the dogs body cannot identify and break down the product. Our Rawhides are different. Because they are completely natural and not highly processed, the body is able to recognize and fully digest it.

Can my dog eat the bones found in some of your chews?

While some dogs can consume some bone, it isn't for all dogs. There are always risks associated with feeding dehydrated bone. The larger/thicker the bone, the larger the risk. Factors such as, chewing style, jaw strength, and chewing patience, all play a roll in whether it's "safe" to feed products that contain bone. Our chews are dehydrated at a temperatures between 140-160 degrees. These temperatures tend to leave the bones brittle enough that a dog can easily chew/crush them up before consumption. Bones themselves are not strictly the concern, but more the possibility for sharp edges to be created when a bone is being chewed and/or broken down. We always recommend that you monitor your dog while they are chewing anything, and always provide fresh, clean water nearby.

Why would you give a dog organ meat - don't the organs filter out harmful waste/toxins?

Organ meat is considered a superfood to a carnivore. They are packed with high levels of different vitamins and play a large role in getting dogs the nutrition they need to thrive. The organs we offer all have different functions, and some do have the primary role as a filter, but those organs don’t store the toxins, instead helping them pass out of the animal. Additionally, because we source from pasture-raised animals, the organ meat is of the cleanest and highest caliber.

Do I need yo refrigerate my purchase if I don't use it right away? 

We recommend using the bag within 3 weeks of opening. You can refrigerate the product to help retain freshness, but all of our products are dehydrated to the level in which they become shelf stable for up to 6 months. When working with preservative- and pesticide-free ingredients, there is a rare chance for bugs or mold to be present. As uncommon as that is, our goal is for you to be 100% happy with your purchase. 

Can find what you are looking for? Reach out: 

By Email: info@whatthedoglikes.com

By Text: 516-400-5238