Grass Fed Beef Pizzle - 7 - 8"

0.06 lb

Transparently sourced from 100% pasture-raised, grass-fed cattle, these dehydrated chews are highly digestible. 

Great chew for daily use. Best for light to medium chewers or as a natural snack for power chewers!

  • Made up of spongy tissue that hardens though dehydration, it gives the chew a burst of flavor while your dog exerts lots of energy gnawing away.
  • Long lasting and picky dogs love it too!!


  • Always supervise while feeding
  • Limit chewing to 15-20 minutes per session. Most dogs feel fully satisfied (endorphins get released in the brain) after short sessions of back-of-the-jaw gnawing. After chewing, store the hide out of sight and give again when you need the pup to have some down time.

Ingredients: 100% Beef Pizzle
Contains: 1 Pizzle - 7-8"
Sourcing: Our trusted partner White Oak Pasture