Lamb Hide Roll - 6"

0.06 lb
Lamb Hide Rolls, unlike the heavy-duty Beef Hide Rolls, is a great alternative chew for dogs looking for something easier to work on! Some dogs, when they experience something that is too difficult, look for something else that can satisfy their chewing drives.

Puppies, seniors, dogs who are missing teeth, or smaller dogs that are more timid towards chewing do great with the Lamb Hide Rolls.

Why to choose Lamb Hide Rolls:

  • Softens Faster - As a dog tests out a chew, they want to feel progress. If a chew doesn't soften fast enough, they may look for value somewhere else. Lamb hide is considerably thinner than its beef counterpart, making it a great chew for dogs who need something different!
  • Lighter Weight - A chew needs to be easy to move around and manage (even for small/young pups).
  • Exotic Protein - Lamb is easy on the belly, and less likely to cause allergy issues like Beef and Chicken.
Know the difference:
Industrial rawhide, with the use of toxic chemicals, only use a portion of the hide after the top portion has been removed for tanning. This allows dogs to chew and consume them way too quickly, opening the door to blockages and choking concerns.


  • Always supervise while feeding
  • Limit chewing to 15-20 minutes per session. Most dogs feel fully satisfied (endorphins get released in the brain) after short sessions of back-of-the-jaw gnawing. After chewing, store the hide out of sight and give again when you need the pup to have some down time.

Ingredients: 100% Lamb Hide Roll
Contains: 1 Rawhide - 6"
Sourcing: Our trusted partner White Oak Pasture