Surf and Turf Food Topper - 2oz

0.13 lb

 All the benefits of prawns plus beef collagen sourced from pasture raised, grass-fed and hormone-free European cows.

Beef collagen:

1. Supports healthy muscles, tendons and ligaments

2. Improves joint pain related to aging

3. Aids in gut health and digestion

4. Supports a healthy, luxurious coat and strong nails 30% of the protein in a dog’s body is composed of collagen!

But just like in humans, collagen production naturally diminishes as a dog ages. Give your pup a nutritional (and tasty!) boost with Surf and Turf to keep those collagen stores at an ideal level.


For intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Net qty: 2 oz

Feeding Recommendations: Sprinkle on your pets food for an extra boost!

Ingredients: 100% Prawns and Beef Collagen

SourcingOur trusted partner Lonestar Dog Treats

StorageStore in a cool dry place