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A Metaphysical Antioxidant! Behold, the power of Blue Majik™ ! The bright blue color of these magical treats comes from an extract of Spirulina. Wild harvested and handcrafted, these Blue Beauties will help neutralize free radicals in your pups system , and reduce inflammation. 

Superfood Spotlight:  Blueberries, Hemp & Blue Spirulina


100% Organic Ingredients: Sprouted Rolled Oats, Blueberries, Raw Sprouted Stone-Ground Quinoa, Raw Sprouted Stone-Ground Amaranth Flour, E3Live Blue Majik Blue Spirulina, White Chia Seeds, Raw Hemp Seeds, Ceylon Cinnamon, Lucuma Powder, Camu Camu Powder

Guaranteed Analysis: Protein: 13.4%, Fat: 7.4%, Fiber: 1.9%, Moisture: 11.7%, Calories : 9 kcal / treat

Product Weight: 9oz

Source: Our trusted partner Ruffio Dog Treats